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Empathy Project

Since it was initiated in 2013, SociopreneurID has identified that the key success of bringing impact to society is through collaborative actions. This is what drives us to strive in creating ‘Responsible Ecosystem’ where every individual in the community altruistically takes part in creating a better place to live in. In line with this thinking, we realized that education is a vital indicator to empower someone’s capacity and capability so that he is able to take part in the aforementioned role. In a greater sense, each of them will be a node in a greater network of like-minded people, forming Responsible Ecosystem. This is what drives us to systemically transform education in Indonesia.

However, the responsible ecosystem cannot be created without creating empathy first. Empathy will change one’s perception to tackle various problems around him, it encourages him to involve and be a part of the solution. We believe if he practices it regularly, he will create positive impacts on others. Thus, if a pool of like-minded people who share the same thought and taking actions collectively, they will change the world. That is raison d’etre of Empathy Project (EP).

Empathy Project is a collaborative program with ABGS (Academic, Business, Government, and Society) consisting of several subprograms, including SIDEd programs (AHAI, BCreator, FeSoVity, and BYTe), YOURS Camp, Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue, and Micro-Library Establishment.


YOURS Camp is a bootcamp designed for organizational partners to co-create and disseminate our intented impact to the wider audiences. Participants will be introduced about global issues, theory of change, experiencing real case, designing and developing program based on their context.

Multi-stakeholder Dialogue (MSD)

MSD is a platform to connect Academia, Business, Government, Society (ABGS) to develop collaborative actions. Different stakeholders will share their best-practices, establish new networks, and discover solutions for various challenges. Designed to be interactive, participants will experience dynamical network consisted of ABGS committed in driving inovation and entrepreneurship. They will also co-create programs to solve various specific issues.

Micro-Library Establishment

Micro-Library is a cross sector collaborative program that aims to improves literacy and skill development by deploying micro libraries across rural areas in Indonesia. We bridge the gap between cross sector entities, leading to the contribution of local government, society, academia and private sectors. In the hope to improve literacy and skill development, we partner with Indonesia’s largest publishing company to amplify the impact intended by providing books and educational tools.


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