About SociopreneurID

SociopreneurID was established in late December 2013 as a youth club: Technopreneurship for Youth (TFY). The Club has developed various programs to promote social entrepreneurship to all ages - children, youths, and adults, through research and development programs. The Club was not only delivered the programs but also conduct research on the programs. Under its research center, the programs were monitored and evaluated in order to define the effectiveness of the programs to the target groups and developed new programs to fill the needs of new groups. In mid 2016, the Club was transformed to social enterprise named SociopreneurID.

Main Activities

Nurturing the growth of social entrepreneurship in Indonesia


Conducting studies in social entrepreneurship


Indentifying and creating social-oriented entrepreneurial activities


Establishing networking and partnership with multi-stakeholders


Creating various outputs as media to promote and foster the growth of social entrepreneurship


Conducting seminar, workshop, discussion forum to foster the growth of social entrepreneurship

Our Activities

We have been promoting social entrepreneurship since 2013

Our Impact

We always strive to grow our impact through our various programs


children encouraged to dream and trained to apply empathy to achieve their dreams through various social-creativity activities


youth trained to develop their creativity and entrepreneurial spirits


ideas generated that solve social problems


elementary schools received creative educational tools developed collaboratively by other children in FeSoVity


SMEs trained to maintain and grow their businesses


volunteers gained priceless experience to develop their social, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects

Media Exposure

Our programs had been featured in


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