About Us

Our Story

In 2013, we were established as a university club called Technopreneurship for Youth focusing on improving creativity and innovation skills for children and youth. By 2015, the club started to provide platforms for innovative ideas by connecting specific needs of stakeholders such as government and business. The club continued to grow until it transformed into a social enterprise in early 2018, now focusing on social innovation and entrepreneurship education. It has then officially registered as Sociopreneur Indonesia (SociopreneurID).

What We Do in SociopreneurID

Everyone wants a better future. In SociopreneurID we aim to nurture the growth of Social Entrepreneurship through Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education to create a ‘Responsible Ecosystem.’ Imagine if an individual could be responsible not only for himself but for others and his surroundings, the world can be a wonderful place to live.

A Thought from Us

The world is evolving rapidly, and challenges are becoming more complex. There is a need to prepare future leaders with agility to the challenges. In doing so, participation from every layer of society becomes essential, and collaboration thus becomes the key to reach different areas with different challenges and contexts.

Therefore, forming a pool of responsible individuals who are not only competent and lifelong learners but also concerned for others and actively participate in solving problems around them should be a priority embracing future society.

Let’s widespread the positive vibes together! Join us by becoming our inner-circle!
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