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We design and deliver programs to promote empathy, creativity, and innovation to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset in all education levels.

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AHAI - Anak Hebat Anak Indonesia
Empathy Program Children Program

AHAI or Anak Hebat Anak Indonesia was designed for primary school students by stimulating them to think creatively and imaginatively, to solve problems, to work in a team, and to improve their comm...

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ASEANCAMP - Asean Smart Camp
Collaborative Program Youth Program

ASEAN SMArt (SCIENCE, MATH, & ART) Camp is a three-day camp for primary school children in South East Asia. The Camp encourages children to work collaboratively to solve a series of science, math, ...

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BCreator - Be A Creative Innovator
Empathy Program Youth Program

BCreator or Be A Creative Innovator is a-one day workshop for youth that adopting discovery learning and experiential learning through a series of fun activities in order to stimulate creativity sk...

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BYTe - Bootcamp for Young Technopreneur
Empathy Program Youth Program

BYTe or Bootcamp for Young Technopreneur is a three-day bootcamp in a local industry that applies an intensive experiential learning program to improve each individual skills in solving problems, m...

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Empathy Program Public Program

<blockquote class="blockquote"><p>This is our campaign with a special highlight to environmental and ecological issues. In a simplified way, this means that every individual is expected to understa...

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FeSoVity - Festival of Social Creativity
Empathy Program Public Program

FeSoVity or Festival of Social Creativity developed in order to promote social creativity to wider audience by applying four (4) pillars of social creativity 'collect-relate-create-donate' (CRCD). ...

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IELF - Indonesia Economic Leadership Forum
Collaborative Program Professional Program

IELF or Indonesia Economic Leadership Forum aims to nurture the growth of economic leaders in Indonesia by developing an ecosystem through 1) promoting economic leaderships in seminars and panel d...

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ISoC - Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge
Empathy Program Professional Program

ISoC or Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge is an annual competition for anyone who wants to make a difference as an agent of change by proposing solutions for specific social problems and making the ...

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YELP - Youth Economic Leadership Program
Collaborative Program Professional Program

YELP or Youth Economic Leadership Program is a program to promote economic leadership that was initiated by Bank Indonesia Institute (BINS). YELP is a manifestation of vision and mission of Central...

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