Our Works

Flagship programs are designed by SociopreneurID to targeted beneficiaries. Our beneficiaries range from children to young-old. The programs are designed to support our mission to nurture the growth of Social Entrepreneurship through Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education. We aim to create lifelong learners by delivering intensive bootcamps, workshops, trainings, and online classes.

Programs in Co-Pro are designed together with SociopreneurID’s partners. The designed programs are adjusted accordingly to the needs of the targeted beneficiaries. Two main activities in Co-Pro Programs are Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education. In Social Innovation, the programs are designed to seek solutions from the public that can solve existing social challenges, while in Entrepreneurship Education, the programs are designed to promote the entrepreneurship education to a wider audience as well as promoting the theory and practice of social entrepreneurship.

Tailored-Made programs are designed to address our stakeholders’ needs. The two main activities in Tailored-Made Programs are Innovation Lab and Entrepreneurship Program. In Innovation Lab, our designed programs focused on introducing the concept and practice of social innovation through seminars/webinars, workshops, and trainings, while in Entrepreneurship Program, the designed programs are focused on promoting social entrepreneurship and social innovation through intensive bootcamps, workshops and intensive online classes.

At a glance, our works are look like they are running individually. However, at its core, our works are connected to deliver inclusive impact through our five main activities.

Sociopreneur Indonesia Focus on The Sustainable Development Agenda:

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