``A Small Act of Kindness``

Throughout our journey in SociopreneurID, we have met people who have unique experiences that make interesting stories. It is no surprise that these people are the ones that we meet every day. Be it our friends, our teachers, our colleagues, our family members, they all have stories to tell.

In SociopreneurID Publishing, we strive to publish stories that can touch everyone to inspire them to do good. Thus, SociopreneurID Publishing made Mini Podcast for storytellers to share their own stories of kindness. We believe that their stories can positively impact others while also spreading a message that being kind is not hard.

All episodes are currently available in Bahasa.


Episode 9:
Tindakan Kebaikan Kecil yang Sederhana

(Small Act of Kindness)

Being kind is not hard. Even a simple act can be an example of an act of kindness. Mr. Her Suhartanto told us how simple actions could help other people’s lives. It’s as simple as shopping at small shops or stalls that are around us. What’s Mr. Her story?


Episode 2

Is Kindness Really Addictive?
In this episode, Donni shared about why doing good is addictive and is a good medium to channel stress from his perspective as a psychology scientist.

Episode 3

How to do simple acts of kindness?
There is still a lot of goodness that surrounds us without sometimes realizing it and being kind it’s not hard.

Episode 4

Where can we start doing good deeds?
Riza wanted to help his friend, but he was confused about what to do. He tries to do simple acts of kindness starting from hisself.






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