Through mentorship, we will advise and connect our mentees to every stakeholders that is relevant to grow their social enterprises. We do take careful screening to all of the candidates. Feel free to apply as our mentee!

What We Can Bring On The Table

Here are what we offer as your mentor and partner


"Do I solve the real problem?", "Is my idea are not causing another problem?", and etc. We are here to be your thinking partner and brainstorm to impelement and grow your idea.


Entrepreneurial journey can be lonely sometimes. With more than 400+ collaborative partners, SociopreneurID helps you to connect with the right people that believe with your idea too!


We provide beyond financial investment. We invest in people who are willing to go for extra mile. We invest in idea that create an impact and not leaving anyone behind.

Why We Are Such A Cool Partner?

Our goal is to develop a social enterprise that create impact for Indonesia!


We are leading in social entrepreneurship research

Research is our core expertise. We undertake a careful research in every what we do. Through our research, we can provide you with great and broad insights to execute in every decision.

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We are the dots connector

We are partnering with every stakeholders from government, business, academia, and community. We strive to connect with everyone and connect you to everyone in our circle.

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We invest in people

We believe in human capital development. It does not matter that your idea is still unpolished, it does not matter that you have not implement your idea. If you have strong vision and eagerness to learn. That's the only thing you need!

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Our Mentees

Some of our greatest mentees that have succefully create impact in their community

Let's Discuss!

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