Team Member: Jessica Wiane Alie

SociopreneurID / Team Member: Jessica Wiane Alie

Motto: Non Nobis Solum Nati Sumus

Jessica Wiane Alie


Jessica is a University of York undergraduate student residing in York, England, and studying abroad instilled a desire to grow and make a difference for Indonesia in the upcoming years. In addition, she is pretty interested in research and marketing.

She also obtained teaching and training in both subjects from the university and her internships and other experiences. These two things, she claims, are pretty exciting and in line with her passion, as she is a creative thinker who enjoys coming up with new ideas. She presently has the opportunity to work as a Research Intern at Sociopreneur ID. She thinks that by doing so, she will be able to contribute significantly to the organization while also learning a lot of new things, both in terms of soft skills and experience.

Selected Projects

  • Collecting & Analyzing¬†datas related to ongoing researches.
  • Research¬†related to the research theme.
  • Providing¬†research report.
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