Team Member: Christian Putra

SociopreneurID / Team Member: Christian Putra

Interest: Entrepreneurship Education, Social Media Campaign, and Volunteerism

Christian Putra Setiawan

Co-Lead Program of SIDed

Christian is driven by acts of kindness. His interest has led him to be involved in the world of volunteering where he learned that there is always a valuable thing to learn. With his interest in social media and photography, he seeks to capture every moment and shares his learnings with the others.

Christian combines his skills and knowledge to plan and operate social media accounts conveying messages of positivity and developing Entrepreneurship Education programs for children and teen. Christian hold on S.Bns (equivalent to B.Bus) in Entrepreneurship at Surya University – Indonesia

Selected Projects

  • Managing Social Media of Sociopreneur Indonesia to promote positivity, kindness, and empathy (2018 – present)
  • Managing Entrepreneurship Education focused on secondary student and youth volunteering of Sociopreneur Indonesia (2018 – present)
  • Producing Mini Podcast, a podcast of SociopreneurID focusing on promoting act of kindness through short and simple stories of everyday lives (2020 – present)
  • Volunteered to support learning activities and educational program for underprivileged children and teenagers (2018 – 2019)
  • Developed product and social media in a platform of college and career preparation (2017)
  • Managed marketing strategy on Festival of Social Creativity (FeSoVity) to build awareness through social media campaign (2015 – 2017)
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