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Nov 21 | News | Clarissa Amadhea
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“…Evi, what is the one thing that you believe in life? The one that you hold on to?”
“Well…”, Evi had a long pause and sighed,
“I believe that everyone was born with a gift. After all, to really see the gift, it will take the ‘me vs. me’, you decide which ‘me’ that will win,” she answered.

The talks went on. Evi is a very easy-going person. If you are lucky enough to meet her, she could open up easily and tell you her life story without hesitation. Yup, this Evi is Evilita Adriani, founder and CEO of SyariHub and she has been connected with SociopreneurID since 2015. We met her again last Saturday to catch up on her works in SyariHub and what she’s been doing lately.

“I love to be surrounded by people, I think most of the time, my days have been filled with so many people,” as extrovert as she may seem, Evi also tries to fulfill herself by reading books.

Guess what, she brings one book with her everywhere including pieces of her notes which she finds as an effective way to understand the book. She learns from a lot of mediums, like a sponge. Absorbing and processing everything she sees.

Since 2015, Evi has exhibited integrity, determination, love, and dignity. She speaks in a spiking wave of energy about everything she does. She could easily hop from a place to another, no matter the distance, to learn, to gain knowledge from everyone. She loves what she’s doing. That night, before we end our fruitful discussion about life with Evi, we asked her one brief sentence that would describe her journey. She uttered, “take risks, be brave!”

Although SyariHub has been endorsed by Indonesian president himself, long remains Evi’s journey. She does not know of what’s coming, and the one thing she will keep doing is to keep finding out. ’Cause you’re never gonna know if you don’t find out, aren’t ya?

It was another story with Adhi Susatyo. He does not speak much and does so only when required. He is a shy personality, only if you merely see him. Speak to him, and you understand his curiosity and drive. Know him, and you understand the passion behind his silence. We got to know him as he is currently a mentee in SociopreneurID.

He is an engineer who focuses on waste problems. Particularly, waste management. He has been executing his idea of a cart partitioned into several rooms following waste categories, such as organic and non-organic. Recently, he was delegated to UNLEASH Lab 2019 at Shenzhen, China. With fellow global participants, he managed to co-create a program called Co-Kampung. It aims to educate and campaign proper waste selection methods to solve slumped garbage problem in Bandung by the works of government, NGOs, communities, and trained leaders. Their idea has also been presented in front of investors from TechCrunch, and some renowned experts including Leymah Gbowee, Nena Stoiljkovic, Nicholas Parker, and Anders Hammerback.

Now he is back to Bandung, to implement his ideas. We are proud of you, Adhi. We look forward to more of your stories!

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