Nov 18 | News | Clarissa Amadhea

Last week, our team had a really good time at the 16th IAVE Asia Pacific Volunteer Conference. We can tell it was a blast! The four of us who attended the event are our executive director, Dessy Aliandrina; our operations manager, Heru Wijayanto; and our subject matter experts, Donni Hadi Waluyo and Her Suharyanto.

Not only becoming speakers, but our team also managed to deliver a workshop for youth volunteers at Thammasat University on November 11th, 2019!

This is Dessy Aliandrina, the founder and executive director of SociopreneurID. At the 16th IAVE Asia Pacific Volunteer Conference, she shared about how social entrepreneurship can be nurtured through voluntary acts.

“Great positive vibe here at the 16th IAVE Asia Pacific Conference in Bangkok, Thailand! A pleasure to share our works on volunteering from four studies and learn from other delegates’ works. We shared about how volunteerism used to nurture the growth of social entrepreneurship in Indonesia. Four (4) studies from journalism, technology, psychology, and entrepreneurship education perspectives were shared by me and three colleagues. We also had a great pleasure sharing about ‘problem analysis’ method to youth volunteers at Thammasat University," shared Dessy on her Instagram page, @aliandrinade

Next, we have a story from Heru Wijayanto who is our co-founder and operations manager. He shared about social media and the journey of volunteering.

“Its great pleasure and happiness today, that we are already done to present at the IAVE Asia Pacific Conference 2019 held at Bangkok, Thailand. Today, I share about “Unlocking the power of volunteering with social media. This sharing aims to provide an insight into how technology changes the perception of doing good, especially in Volunteering. The case was taken from a volunteerism event held by “Sociopreneur Indonesia”. Especially how Social media to #recruit volunteers and make chance perception of doing good,” you can see more of Heru on his Instagram page, @siheyu

Meanwhile, Her Suharyanto, a subject-matter expert in SociopreneurID shared about the impact of storytelling on volunteers’ journeys. 

“The presentation has completed! The tense is over. Today I finally can sleep well.
It was nice to be able to present in front of volunteers from many countries. In my breakout class, the audience came from Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Thailand. My moderator is Elsie from Hong Kong. The other two speakers in my session were called Ai, design thinking lecturer, and Chris, director of an NGO in Hong Kong. It was a really amazing experience for me. God bless!”
You can reach Her on his Instagram account, @hersuharyanto