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Nov 19 | News | Clarissa Amadhea
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Last month, Thompson-Reuters Foundation and Deutsche Bank’s Made for Good released the best countries for becoming social entrepreneurs. The first report was in 2016 and Indonesia was on the 17th. The second report was released this year. The methodology is based on the expert’s poll.

Photo: Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge (ISoC) 2016
program held in collaboration with South Tangerang Government to solve municipal waste problems through social innovation.

Indonesia entered the top-ten countries for social entrepreneurs to secure ninth place thanks to excellent conditions for starting and growing businesses for good, where it ranked second jointly with France.

In relation to SociopreneurID vision to nurture the growth of social entrepreneurship in Indonesia, this ranking shows significant improvement and hope will become better and better in the future

Thanks to Thompson-Reuters Foundation for including our view about Indonesia.

Link to the report here:

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