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We are here at the 16th IAVE Asia Pacific Volunteer Conference in Bangkok. The event started from November 11th — 15th, 2019! Her Suharyanto, Heru Wijayanto, Donni Hadi Waluyo, and Dessy Aliandrina are sharing about Empathy Project in ways they are passionate about.

Her Suharyanto is a Subject-Matter Expert in SociopreneurID. He has more than 30-year experience in Writing. He has written for various media such as Utusan, Hidup, Kedaulatan Rakyat, Kompas, Tempo, Koran Tempo, Surabaya Post, Joglosemar, Asia Insurance Review. This includes the institutions he was associated with, covering Indonesia Business Weekly, Bisnis Indonesia and Dow Jones Newswires (Asian Wall Street Journal publisher). Her’s bringing his storytelling prowess to IAVE 2019 by sharing the impact of storytelling on volunteers’ journeys.

Heru Wijayanto is the Co-Founder and Operations Manager of SociopreneurID. Heru’s career is long and varied as an academic and professional. His passion for information technology has led him to pursue a study in the field of informatics engineering for a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree before he further widens his knowledge in International Business for MBA in Belgium. Combining his long-standing interest in technology and his works in SociopreneurID, Heru will be talking about social media and the journey of volunteering.

Donni Hadi Waluyo is a Subject-Matter Expert in SociopreneurID. He is a Researcher, Trainer, and Executive Life Coach. He holds a formal degree in Psychology and Master of Psychology both from the Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta. Now he works as a researcher and also a Faculty Member at Bank Indonesia Institute. With his experiences in psychology, Donni will talk about the invisible impact of volunteering in psychological views using Empathy Projects as the study case.

Dessy Aliandrina is the Founder and Executive Director of SociopreneurID. Since 2013, Dessy has been actively promoting and fostering the growth of social entrepreneurship and innovation through researches and development programs. With SociopreneurID, Dessy aims to develop the Responsible Ecosystem to unleash the potential of stakeholders in any level of society to work collaboratively in order to create a better future for all. Now more than ever, Dessy will share about how social entrepreneurship can be nurtured through voluntary acts.

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