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Hi all! We have just returned home after spending a wonderful week in Doplang Village, Boyolali, Central Java. Yes, we conducted the third Empathy Project in 2019 from October 26thโ€Šโ€”โ€Š30th, 2019 with three sub-programs, namely: Anak Hebat Anak Indonesia (AHAI), Micro-libraries Establishment, and Bootcamp for Young Technopreneur (BYTe).

AHAI, which was conducted on October 26th has introduced 500 children and teenagers to entrepreneurship. They were not alone, 90 volunteers came from all over Indonesia to help them. On the same day, along with Elex Media Komputindo, we launched Micro-libraries for three locations around the region.

We also provided 26 scholarships for selected youths to attend BYTe (Bootcamp for Young Technopreneur). The scholars were introduced to social entrepreneurship and innovation by solving real-life cases in three SMEs by interacting with local people. By understanding the portrait of local people (habits, behaviors, beliefs, insights), they managed to develop their understanding which leads to the process of designing best-fit solutions to identified problems.

None of these would have happened without the role of our collaborators.; to SMEs in Doplang Village and all communities; Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investments; Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Boyolali; Government of Boyolali; Indika Foundation; toleransi.id; and Elexmedia Komputindo. To all of you, our sincerest gratitude!

Media Release:ย https://m.jpnn.com/news/sociopreneur-indonesia-gelar-ahai-di-boyolali

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