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Sep 20 | News | Clarissa Amadhea
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Innovating starts from self-sensitivity and surroundings. Sensitivity can help to open the views that have not yet been seen. Diversity of perspectives gives ideas, and an abundance of ideas arise as well as choices and references to effective innovation.

That is a pinch of thought that we left to 113 children of SMAK Tunas Bangsa Gading Serpong on Friday, September 20, 2019, through a series of fun activities Be a Creative Innovator (BCreator).

One of the interesting things we found today is that even though we use the paper money daily, some of us are not aware of the heroes depicted in the money. Though some remember the face, they could not recall the name. It’s a little example of sensitivity — it is not complicated. It is present and close to daily life. Look closely, and there are many things we can explore.

Do you want to have a BCreator at your school? Kindly reach us at [email protected]

National publication: https://m.jpnn.com/news/bcreator-bersama-sociopreneurid-setiap-orang-pada-dasarnya-kreatif

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