Sep 12 | News | Clarissa Amadhea
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"A human being must be able to be something that impacts positively on his/her surroundings.", said Eyang Habibie in a quote widely used by youngsters. As much as his integrity, which is what he said and what he did align harmoniously, demonstrated that each individual matters and have the power to change, the least we can do is to start something with what we have. Even if it means small steps. But a journey of thousand miles starts with a step, ain't it?

Just recently, SociopreneurID participated in an activity held by the Bank Indonesia Institute (BINS), which was the provision of economic leadership for 500 students of Praja Institute of Domestic Government (IPDN). SociopreneurID, represented our executive director, Dessy Aliandrina, presented material on Indonesia's Digital Economic Potential in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, something our country Indonesia should have been prepared for. The focus, as to how the government of Indonesia has the direction set, is on human capability empowerment.

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