Farewell, Eyang Habibie

Sep 12 | News | Clarissa Amadhea
Eyang habibie

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, the late former 3rd president of Indonesia, was known for his many and enormous achievements, such as Crack Progression/Habibie Theory, which is a method to determine how to calculate cracks between the body of an airplane and its wings; the design of the DO-31 airplane (which was later bought by NASA); his patents used by renowned aviation-related companies such as AirBus. During his time in the office, he was known to lead governmental transitions to be more democratic by proposing political reform laws including conducting elections in 1999. He also decreed the ban for the terms "pribumi" and "non-pribumi", which divided indigenous and non-indigenous Indonesians.

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie held firm to a philosophy descended from his late dad, "Be like the waterfall providing life to its surroundings."

And did he become like the waterfall, B.J. Habibie's contributions to Indonesia have been motivated by his love for Indonesia. His acts will eternally become a precedent, that every individual has the power to become a change. He will forever be remembered as a figure of hope toward better days!

Sending our deepest condolences and love for Eyang Habibie and his families. May his spirit and his examples integrated into our everyday life.

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