Playing and Studying in Anak Hebat Anak Indonesia (AHAI)

Sep 1 | News | Clarissa Amadhea

We conducted Anak Hebat Anak Indonesia (AHAI) at MIN 6 Tangerang last Saturday (31/08). The program aims to promote entrepreneurship education to children through a series of fun activities and creativity games.

AHAI also encourages PhISeS skills (physical skills, intellectual skills, social-emotional skills, and spiritual skills).

This time, AHAI has involved 113 fifth grade students who were guided by 26 volunteers and committees. The activities have encouraged children to dare to dream, dare to try, and not be afraid to fail. The children were also learned to take responsibility for themselves, the people around them, and their environment.

AHAI has been run since 2013 and has trained more than 4000+ children in Indonesia

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