Empathy Project 2019 #2 Report!

Aug 28 | Report | Clarissa Amadhea

SIDed (SociopreneurID Education) has a strong commitment to creating quality education access and a continuous learning process. This commitment is manifested through a series of entrepreneurship education programs in the Empathy Project. (EP).

On July 12–20 2019, we held the 2nd EP in 2019 under the theme ‘Developing a Responsible Ecosystem to Protect the Earth’. There are 4 programs conducted at EP: YOURS Camp (International), BYTe (National), Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue (International), and FeSoVity (International).

You can explore the stories, the excitements and the implementation report of EP (Bahasa Indonesia ) at 👉 www.bit.ly/WRET2708 and EP (English) www.bit.ly/WRET3108

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