A Story in Numbers!

Aug 8 | Insight | Clarissa Amadhea

Empathy Project 2019 #2 under the theme Developing Responsible Ecosystem to Protect the Earth has carved in the very plane of our heart another wonderful story. Four major programs have been conducted from July 12th — 20th 2019 in South Tangerang, Indonesia. We also launched hashtag#Earthvenger to campaign environmental awareness through collaboration and small actions. We hope to continually appreciate everyone who had participated.

Their time, spirit, enthusiasm, trust, sacrifice are the priceless amount of value invested in our mission of developing responsible ecosystem by entrepreneurship education and youth empowerment. We will forever prize them as monuments of hope, and of course, keep telling the stories. This time, it is a story in numbers.

Deep down inside, we know numbers are just the tip of an iceberg. What matters are beyond what’s visible, which is sometimes more powerful than what’s on the surface. Numbers, of course, are not the conclusion nor our target. But numbers are capable of depicting what we did, amazing souls involved, and of course how we may one day measure our impact. It is also a fuel to the burning hearts, that in this appear-to-be-chaotic world, there is good if you seek them. And it has truly pushed us forward.

Thank you for keeping us going!