Aug 3 | News | Clarissa Amadhea

Amphun had been living abroad, focusing on her prominent career in research. She finished her Ph.D. in New Zealand and had previously worked for CIRS (International Center for International Scientific Research) in France, NYU (New York University) in UAE, being part of authors of 32 internationally published papers in renowned journals, led various researches, guided masters and Ph.D. students, etc. E-tee-cee, because it would be unwise to highlight the long list of her achievements here.

Embarking on her new venture and journey, she met us Sociopreneur Indonesia. In the photo, Amphun was signing Letter of Intent (LoI) with Dessy, our Executive Director to agree on executing programs and related researches regarding the promotion of Social Entrepreneurship through Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education especially in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Now you know the what, but how it will unfold a.k.a. the specific program will be our next stories, the next time we meet!

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