Festival of Social Creativity (FeSoVity)

Jul 20 | Event | Clarissa Amadhea

[EP 2019 #2: FeSoVity]

Festival of Social Creativity (FeSoVity) is an initiative that involves society to provide solutions on a specific issue through social creativity and innovation.

FeSoVity is the peak program of Empathy Project 2019 #2 that will be conducted from July 20th 2019. FeSoVity is open for international and national participants.

Curious about how to participate on FeSoVity? As always, we encourage you to stay tuned to our social media for further information!

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Clarissa Amadhea

Co-Lead Program of SIDPub

Clarissa has been volunteering since her teenage years. Mostly, she volunteered on educational causes for youth. She also has a long-standing interest in art and media productio... Read More