Empathy Project #2 2019

Jul 13 | Event | Dessy Aliandrina, Ph.D

We developed 'Empathy Project' in order to encourage all stakeholders to work collaboratively.

“The responsible ecosystem cannot be created without creating empathy first. Empathy will change one's perception to tackle various problems around him, it encourages him to involve and be a part of solution. We believe if he practices it regularly, he will create positive impacts to others. Thus, if a pool of like-minded people who share the same thought and taking actions collectively, they will change the world. That is raison d'etre of Empathy Project." (SociopreneurID)

And now, SociopreneurID will run the 2nd Empathy Project this year!

Under the theme 'Developing a Responsible Ecosystem', Empathy Project will be consisted of 4 sub-programs, namely Yours Camp, Bootcamp for Young Technopreneur (BYTe), Multi-stakeholder Dialogue, and Festival of Social Creativity. (FeSoVity). The programs will be run from July 13th - 20th, 2019 and will be conducted at Tangerang Selatan.

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