CIVICUS - Youth Engagement Best Practices

Jun 10 | News | Dessy Aliandrina, Ph.D

We want to thank CIVICUS World Alliance to have included SociopreneurID as an example of best practices on hashtagyouth engagement.

Remembering the journey we had as a Youth Club in 2013, the club focused on improving
hashtagcreativity and hashtaginnovation skills of children and youth. By 2015, the Club started to provide platform for innovative ideas that were connected to specific needs of stakeholders such as government and business. In 2018, the Club transformed into social enterprise that focused on hashtagsocialinnovation and hashtagentrepreneurship education, and officially registered as Sociopreneur Indonesia.

But this is not about us. A milestone for us to deliver more impacts, maybe - but a demonstration that achieving what we call as Responsible Ecosystem, a group of people despite their background that practices active problem-solving, is even more possible. It is achievable by involvement of different stakeholders and supports of society. And once again we wish only to be a catalyst, a puzzle, a part of a bigger picture that may enable collaborations, education for all, and equality and justice. So thank you for being a part of us, we still have a long journey to go! :-)

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