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Jun 30 | News | Dessy Aliandrina, Ph.D
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Meet IshK Tolaram Foundation, an organization
focusing on developing and supporting programs that enable self-sufficiency and
independence in vulnerable communities, with a focus on education,
entrepreneurial and vocational training, and healthcare while advocating for
social awareness and responsible giving in their partners, business and

They believe that through values of humility, compassion, and
responsibility, individuals can be empowered to contribute beyond themselves
for the benefit of all. Guess what? They are now onboard as one of our partners
in running Empathy Project #2. For this partnership, indeed, Ishk Tolaram
Foundation and SociopreneurID seek to create change particularly in empowerment
of youth through entrepreneurship education and social innovation.

If a pool of like-minded people sharing the same thought and taking actions
collectively, they will change the world

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