Empathy Project 2019

Apr 21 | Event | Stevanus Chandra

Empathy Project 2019

Sociopreneur Indonesia (SociopreneurID) initiates Empathy Project (EP) by engaging multi-stakeholders through entrepreneurship education to develop a responsible ecosystem. EP 2019 is designed in a series of programs aims to all ages and build engagement between individuals, groups, and society. EP 2019 is developed by targeting over 1,000 children and youth, 100 local people, 300 volunteers, over 50 academics from K-12 to higher education, 3 micro-businesses, and 30 scholarship recipients from all over Indonesia. EP 2019 also thrives to donate more than 1,000 books and educational tools.

About ICSW

International Civil Society Week (ICSW) 2019 brings together over 700 concerned citizens, civil society leaders, and activists across sectors, themes, regions, and backgrounds in Belgrade, Serbia to tackle the world's most pressing challenges. Argentina, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mexico, Ukraina, USA, Zimbabwe are chosen as ICSW/Local Event.

If you want to be a part of Empathy Project 2019 as volunteers, partners, contributors, or participants please contact us at [email protected] orĀ +62 817-5255-879.

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Stevanus Chandra

Co-Lead Program, Designer, and Researcher

Stevanus explores the intersection of social innovation and human-centered design. A social impact analyst. Driven by research and ethnographic approach. Read More