IELF - Indonesia Economic Leadership Forum

IELF or Indonesia Economic Leadership Forum aims to nurture the growth of economic leaders in Indonesia by developing an ecosystem through
1) promoting economic leaderships in seminars and panel discussions;
2) focusing on human capital development;
3) adopting a mission to change, create, and add values of socio-economic (not just private value); and
4) promoting collaborative-based programs with multi-stakeholders.


Encouraging the growth of economic leaders capable of making significant breakthroughs and game-changing, national-minded, able to make continuous improvement in order to achieve prosperity.

Main Objectives

Creating ecosystems for economic leadership

Specific Objectives

1. Building an understanding of the importance of economic leadership;
2. Providing knowledge of economic leadership through training and assistance in the preparation of the program;
3. Encouraging collaboration among the various elements of the country: the community, academia, the private sector, and the government to build an ecosystem conducive to the implementation of the designed program; and
4. Prepare measuring tools for program implementation and provide input for improvement.

Let's Collaborate To Create
Systemic Change in Indonesia