ISoC - Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge

ISoC or Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge is an annual competition for anyone who wants to make a difference as an agent of change by proposing solutions for specific social problems and making the world as a better place to live. The first competition held in 2015 was a national competition that aimed for Indonesian only, and it became a huge success. Referring to the first competition and thoughts to encourage society to be involved solving social problems, ISoC 2016 is scaling to international competition.


Encourage social entrepreneurs to put their skills and talents to solve social problems in specific city of Indonesia;
2. Establish collaboration between social entrepreneurs with local Government and stakeholders to implement solutions; and
3. Prepare new social businesses or existing social businesses to enter the market.

Year Developed

2015 (annually)


Regional Development Agency of South Tangerang, Department Sanitation, Parks, and Cemetery of South Tangerang

Our Previous Events

We have been delivering 2 events since it was initiated

Let's Collaborate To Create
Systemic Change in Indonesia