FeSoVity - Festival of Social Creativity

FeSoVity or Festival of Social Creativity developed in order to promote social creativity to wider audience by applying four (4) pillars of social creativity 'collect-relate-create-donate' (CRCD). FeSoVity encourages everyone to change perception on tackling various problems in surrounding and encourage everyone for being a part of solutions by working collaboratively through a series of creative activities.


1. Improving Physical Aspect
2. Improving Intellectual Aspect
3. Improving Social-Emotional Aspect
4. Improving Spiritual Aspect

Year Developed

2015 (ongoing)


PT. Indomarco Prismatama, OkeZone, Volunteers, SMEs, Various Social Communities, Various educational institutions, Artists and Designers

Our Previous Events

We have been delivering 2 events since it was initiated

Let's Collaborate To Create
Systemic Change in Indonesia