BYTe - Bootcamp for Young Technopreneur

BYTe or Bootcamp for Young Technopreneur is a three-day bootcamp in a local industry that applies an intensive experiential learning program to improve each individual skills in solving problems, making decision, and especially identifying opportunities, generating and developing innovative ideas to become a business.

BYTe create individuals who have entrepreneurial mindset, nurturing their skillset and toolset. By having boot camp as a method to deliver the entrepreneurial mindset, individuals will highly understand the essence of creating value with scares resources. They will identify the resources needed within their surroundings, identified problems, and create ideas and solutions. With their creativity, they will create an innovation that can solves the challenges that they faced. Byte already serve more than 100 schools and university students and develop more than 20 innovation products.


1. Improving Empathy
2. Improving Creative thinking
3. Improving Analytical thinking
4. Improving Problem identification
5. Improving Problem solving
6. Improving Decision making
7. Improving Collaboration
8. Improving Communicating ideas

Year Developed

2013 (ongoing)


PT. Indomarco Prismatama, OkeZone, Media Indonesia, SMEs in West Java, Central Java, and Yogyakarta, Various high schools in Jakarta and surrounding areas, Banten, West Java, Yogyakarta, Central Java, Semarang

Our Previous Events

We have been delivering 3 events since it was initiated

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