BCreator - Be A Creative Innovator

BCreator or Be A Creative Innovator is a-one day workshop for youth that adopting discovery learning and experiential learning through a series of fun activities in order to stimulate creativity skill of the participant.

There are several improving skills that enhanced through Bcreator. which is resource identification, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills. Bcreator already serve more than 621 students in five provinces within five schools. Bcreator realize the important of entrepreneurial mindset to nurture the growth in education processes. By nurturing creativity and entrepreneurial skills, children learn to identified problems and develop their skills such as collaboration, creativity and communication.


1. Improving Resources identification
2. Improving Creativity skill
3. Improving Collaboration
4. Improving Communication skill

Year Developed

2014 (ongoing)


PT. Indomarco Prismatama, OkeZone, Various secondary schools in Jakarta and surrounding areas, Banten, East Java, and Riau

Our Previous Events

We have been delivering 2 events since it was initiated

Let's Collaborate To Create
Systemic Change in Indonesia