We have been promoting social entrepreneurship since 2013

How We Start Our Journey

SociopreneurID was established in late December 2013 as a youth club: Technopreneurship for Youth (TFY). Following year, the Club was delivered two programs to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship to society. The first program named AHAI or Anak Hebat Anak Indonesia, which aims for elementary school children.

In the same year, the first TFY bootcamp was delivered in February and became a success. The Club was not only delivered the programs but also conduct research on the programs. Under its research center, the programs were monitored and evaluated in order to define the effectiveness of the programs to the target groups and developed new programs to fill the needs of new groups.

In 2015, new program for youth was developed to fill the needs for creativity skill. In the same year, the Club created programs for society to solve specific social issues. These programs named FeSoVity (Festival of Social Creativity) and ISoC (Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge). FeSoVity promotes social creativity term to society and develop awareness of society to take actions solving social issues.

Similarly, ISoC challenges society to solve specific social issues in South Tangerang. Both FeSoVity and ISoC are exemplary programs to encourage society participatory in making a better world. In mid 2016, the Club was transformed to social enterprise named SociopreneurID.


Nurturing the growth of social entrepreneurship in Indonesia


Establishing ecosystem to promote and foster social entrepreneurship in Indonesia

Specific Objectives


Focusing on human capital development


Adopting a mission to change, create, and add values of socio economic (not just private value)


Applying human centred design to innovate (people first and empathy)


Fostering the growth of technology innovation by establishing an ecosystem through collaboration

'Agent of Change'

In order to create ‘Agent of Change’, SociopreneurID improves three levels of needs for social entrepreneurs: Mindset (seeing how the world works), Skillset (behaving towards challenges), and Toolset (applying specific approaches).

Agent of Change Needs

The fulfillment of these needs leads to ‘An Agent of Change’ or ‘Social Entrepreneur’ who will create values that relevance to challenges and effective to impact one’s life, society, and environment.

SociopreneurID Thinking Model

In order to nurture the growth of social entrepreneurship in Indonesia, SociopreneurID focuses on empathy by applying design thinking to conduct study and develop programs either for developing individual empathy, group empathy or social empathy

Agent of Change Needs

Operational Model of Collaborative-Actions

Our focus is on developing children. We do strong believe that by improving education to our children while also developing the education to the entire families we can build a better ecosystem.

Operational Model

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Let's Collaborate To Create Systemic Change in Indonesia