About SociopreneurID

We are Social Entrepreneurship Weaver in Indonesia. We research, develop, and connect with all of the stakeholders to create a better social entrepreneurship in Indonesia. We are not only thinking about our current social entrepreneurship waves, but we do take serious development in our future generation to become an "Agent of Change".

Our Values


We believe great education can shape the future. For us, great education means access for all, highly dedicated educators who believe in lifelong learning and strong character qualities.


We believe that consulting is not just as mundane as analyzing and providing the advise. Consulting means provides everyone with everything they need to grow.


We do believe in lifelong learning. That is what makes us doing experimentation in everything we do to ensure we learn. When we learn, there is when we do grow our impact.


Nurturing the growth of social entrepreneurship in Indonesia


Establishing ecosystem to promote and foster social entrepreneurship in Indonesia

Specific Objectives


Focusing on human capital development


Adopting a mission to change, create, and add values of socio economic (not just private value)


Applying human centred design to innovate (people first and empathy)


Fostering the growth of technology innovation by establishing an ecosystem through collaboration

What is Our Target?

We want do develop "Agent of Change" that makes ripple impact!

Agent of change

In order to create "Agent of Change", SociopreneurID improves three levels of needs for social entrepreneurs: Mindset (seeing how the world works), Skillset (behaving towards challenges), and Toolset (applying specific approaches).

How We Develop It?

We designed our own Thinking Model

Thinking model

In order to nurture the growth of social entrepreneurship in Indonesia, SociopreneurID develop its own thinking model focuses on empathy by applying design thinking to conduct study and develop programs either for developing individual empathy, group empathy or social empathy.

How We Achieve It?

We need Collaborative-Actions. We Need You!

Our focus is on developing children. We do strong believe that by improving education to our children while also developing the education to the entire families we can build a better ecosystem.

Operational model

Let's Collaborate To Create
Systemic Change in Indonesia