Team Member: Yolanda Hanjani

SociopreneurID / Team Member: Yolanda Hanjani


  • Operating, managing, and developing Entrepreneurship Education Programs for elementary students in Sociopreneur Indonesia (2018 – present)
  • Managing operational affairs of Sociopreneur Indonesia, including taxation, setting budgets, and creating financial reports (2018 – present)
  • Managing operational affairs of Festival of Social Creativity (FeSoVity), including listing needs, setting budgets, and creating financial reports (2017)
  • Volunteering as facilitator in Anak Hebat Anak Indonesia (2013 – 2015, 2018)

Yolanda Hanjani

Co-Lead Program of SIDEd

Yolanda is motivated by the simplicity yet the power of a compassionate action. Being involved in various volunteering activities where she had the opportunity to interact with children from different backgrounds – including those in marginalized area – has sparked her interest to pursue the fields of entrepreneurship education and creativity as she believed they need them the most.

Since 2018, Yolanda has joined Sociopreneur Indonesia and get involved on developing entrepreneurship education programs for children and teen. Her works gave her responsibility to learn the strategy or the method to delivering the concept of entrepreneurship education for elementary students.


S.Bns (equivalent to B.Bus) in Entrepreneurship. Surya University, 2017

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