Team Member: Rafael Mario Renaldi

SociopreneurID / Team Member: Rafael Mario Renaldi

Motto: Great things never came from comfort zone

Rafael Mario Renaldi

Digital Campaign Co-Creator

Mario is a 7th-semester Management Business student at the University of Atma Jaya, Indonesia. He always seeks opportunities to learn new things, especially those related to business processes. In SociopreneurID, Mario manages the “7 Days of Kindness Challenge,” a digital campaign aimed at raising awareness about simple acts of kindness that can be done daily to help protect the earth.

Selected Projects

  • Leading 7 Days of Kindness Challenge 2023, a digital campaign to raise awareness about simple act of kindness that can be done as a habit to protect the earth from further damage.
  • Managing SociopreneurID’s Instagram account for 7 Days of Kindness Challenge digital campaign.
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