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Motto: in the world that you can be anything be kind

Vania Frederica

Data Administration

I am a statistics student at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya. The domain of data analysis, which is my current field, fascinates me much. I’m ECSTATIC when I receive insights from the hundreds of data points I analyze and visualize. Finally, these understanding influences sound decision-making. I want to use statistics to make a difference, particularly in education and MSMEs empowerment in Indonesia. Please take a closer look at my college experience, which began with community service/volunteering in the realm of education and self-development.

I was responsible for being a leader there, successfully building a large community. Leadership is a challenge in and of itself, which draws me to want to offer more. Finally, I’ve recently gained knowledge in entrepreneurship and business development. Things are complicated, but they’re also a lot of fun. They can collaborate with pals in other professions because they have the same company vision. Because I observed the problem and took action to run the program for the first time, I am recognized by my friends as an initiate and have innovative thinking in analysis. As a young person, I feel that passion, resilience, and contribution must always be present throughout college and my career. We’ll be able to have a more significant influence this way.

Selected Projects

    • Managing¬†Data
    • Data Administration.
    • Analyze¬†monthly reports.
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