Team Member: Retno Ayu Pramudya

SociopreneurID / Team Member: Retno Ayu Pramudya

Motto: Pilihan kita hanya dua; genggam dunia atau digenggam dunia.

Retno Ayu Pramudya

Digital Marketing

My name is Retno Ayu Pramudya, and I am a final-year student at a public institution in Jatinangor with a background in language education. I realized long before I became a student that I have a strong interest in and empathy for issues concerning ‘human interactions.’ I’ve always felt that every human being, not just for themselves, may have and play a role in the growth of others. I’ve also always believed in and followed the notion that ‘humans cannot live alone. This quote led me to understand that, just as I’ll always need other people, maybe there are individuals out there who need my ‘role,’ too—and not just the people closest to me.

However, because of a lack of information and chances, my empathy for being a part of changes or advancements in the environment and the wider community can only be translated into sympathy when I start school.

I strive to cultivate this empathy that I have in the shape of sympathy by joining an organization whose main work programs are always tied to social and community connections through various studies of the world of organizations and the committees I engage in. I witnessed ‘human’ interactions with children, adults, and even the elderly, who are frequently overlooked. Then, in my final year, I won the title of this student, and on that basis, I met with sociopreneurID, who, in my opinion, has a target and focus on work programs that are in line with my interests. By occupying a digital marketing position, I hope to channel my interests and try to make new developments and experiences within myself and contribute to the future development of sociopreneurlD.

Selected Projects

  • Planning social media promotion
  • Updating social media posts regularly
  • Analyze monthly social media report
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