Team Member: Donia Helena Samosir

SociopreneurID / Team Member: Donia Helena Samosir

Motto: Still living to give, still giving to live

Donia Helena Samosir

Content Writer

Donia Helena Samosir (23) is a Brawijaya University Sociology student. Donia is a senior who aspires to work in research and writing. As a Content Writer, her present position at Sociopreneur is directly related to this. Donia is currently passionate about environmental, gender, and mental health concerns. Donia also has a strong background in social research, community empowerment, and development. Donia can put her passions into action and get more people interested in these issues by blogging about them.

Selected Projects

  • Designing SID newsletter and E-magazine contents.
  • Coordinating with SIDPublishing division to create newsletter and e-magazine design
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