Programs in Tailored-Made are designed according to SociopreneurID’s clients needs

In Innovation Lab, our designed programs focused on introducing the concept and practice of social innovation through competitions, seminars, workshops, and trainings

Innovation Lab: This is a hands-on workshop that aims to introduce the concept and practice of innovation by applying specific and suitable tools. Participants will experience creative ad fun activities to understand and try each stage of innovation firsthand. At the end of the workshop, participants will pitch their innovative idea to the expert panels.

2016 – present

BI Inovasi or INOBI is a part of the BI Change Program designed for Bank Indonesia’s employees. INOBI aims to nurture creativity and innovation skills by encouraging employees’ active participation to create values and propose ideas on three categories: product or service innovation, process innovation, and policy innovation. Since the launch in 2017, INOBI has resulted in various innovative ideas implemented for either internal or external users.

2017 – present

IOM x SID: Socio-entrepreneurial Program for Staff and Refugees: The program is designed to address the International Organization for Migration (IOM) needs of understanding the socio-entrepreneurial concept, while also empower the refugees to remap their sense of purpose, understand the concept of socio-entrepreneurial, and  know how to run their own initiatives.

2021 – present


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