Seminggu Sebuku: Looptail

Seminggu Sebuku: Looptail



“Belajar satu buku tiap minggu, baca satu buku tiap bulan”

We invite you to participate in the culture of reading by starting from one book every month and being involved in sharing about books that are read every week. Sharing every week will be presented by the author, experts in their fields, and members of the Community.

Book sharing this week:
Looptail (2013, Bruce Poon Tip)

Bruce as an author sees his life experience as a “Looptail”. Bruce travels around the world and explores various places until he reaches his dream to establish a traveling adventure company named G Adventures by balancing “People, Planet, and Profit”.

Narrator: Christian Setiawan, Co-Lead of SIDed
Time: Saturday, June 13, 2020 | 16:00 WIB
Place: #DiRumahAja – We meet at Zoom

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CP: +6285368690891 (Caca)

Location: 📍 Zoom
Date: June 13, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
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