SociopreneurID x Tanoto Foundation: “The Journey of A Social Entrepreneur”

In our daily life, we meet people who do good things for society. How do we call these good people? We call them volunteers, social workers, philanthropists or social entrepreneurs. While these professions or assumed role sound relatively similar because their focus on achieving the social mission, each of them is different in scope.

Social entrepreneurship and innovation webinar program was subsequently designed to provide Tanoto Scholars with fundamental knowledge on social entrepreneurship, particularly because of its capabilities in creating a sustainable and greater scale of impact. The scholars have been invited to rethink social entrepreneurship in which they learned about the concept of social entrepreneurs, know its difference with business entrepreneurship, introduced to how social entrepreneurs think creatively and innovatively to solve social problems, how to balance profit and social mission. Young social entrepreneurs were also invited to share their experience and journey in their path; the challenges faced, prides, and individual development.

In the end, Tanoto Scholars were given holistic exposure on, relating to the theme, “The Journey of A Social Entrepreneur”. They are hopefully one step closer in creating a change for the world – to become an agent of change, a “Changemaker”.

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