SIDAcademy: Freedom of Expression

Celebrating Indonesia’s national month of independence, SIDAcademy brought “Freedom of Expression” that focused on creativity and how everyone can learn the needed skills to express themselves freely. Our classes are open to anyone interested in creativity and look for ways to create something for the good!

There were four classes delivered on SIDAcademy: Freedom of Expression from August 4th – 13th 2020, facilitated by SociopreneurID Education (SIDEd), SociopreneurID Publishing (SIDPub), and SociopreneurID Collaboration, Cooperation, Consulting, and Community (SIDCo):
1. Creating Ideas 
Participants will learn and practice the concept of thinking visually to help create ideas. 
2. Positive Storytelling
After learning how to create ideas, participants will think of themselves, reflect upon their experience, and write about it positively.
3. Creativity through Education
Participants have learned about themselves better. In this session, they will learn how to utilize what they can for others through educational purposes.
4. Becoming Innovators through Experiential Learning
Developing something for others can be tricky. In this session, participants will learn more about the implementation of creativity and innovation through experiential learning.

Meet the Speakers!


Fauzan is interested in the connectedness of people and technology that led him to the field of technology adaptation. By combining his degree in entrepreneurship, he develops an understanding of business and society connectivity through weaving networks and starting collaborative actions.

In SIDAcademy: Freedom of Expression, Fauzan will be delivering the “Becoming Innovators through Experiential Learning” class!

Clarissa Amadhea

Since 2013, Clarissa has exposed to the world of volunteering. For Clarissa, volunteering is like exploring “a world full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered!” Through volunteering activities, she has met inspiring people with lots of stories that she can learn from.

In SIDAcademy: Freedom of Expression, Clarissa will be delivering the “Positive Storytelling” class!

Nicholas Jiemas

Nicholas feels the most fulfilled when his creativity can be useful for others, which has led him into pursuing creative expressions through both professional and a volunteer; being exposed to various volunteering activities has inspired Nicholas to direct and spend his creative energy for the greater good for the last 3 years.

In SIDAcademy: Freedom of Expression, Nicholas will be delivering the “Creating Ideas” class!

Yolanda Hanjani

Yolanda is motivated by the simplicity yet the power of compassionate action. Being involved in various volunteering activities where she had the opportunity to interact with children from different backgrounds – including those in the marginalized area – has sparked her interest to pursue the fields of entrepreneurship education and creativity as she believed they need them the most.

In SIDAcademy: Freedom of Expression, Yolanda will be delivering the “Creativity through Education” class!

Christian Setiawan

Christian is driven by acts of kindness. His interest has led him to be involved in the world of volunteering where he learned that there is always a valuable thing to learn. With his interest in social media and photography, he seeks to capture every moment and shares his learnings with the others.

In SIDAcademy: Freedom of Expression, Christian will be delivering the “Creativity through Education” class!

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